Frank is our first male scholar and RJ is proud to be a part of his scholarship journey at IHSU. Frank is one of 5 children raised by their mother. As such, even though he has always been a top student, he has always struggled with schools fees.

In his final year at secondary school, Frank negotiated a deal with the Headmaster: the Headmaster would let him sit for final exams; and in return, he would work in the school garden! He also took on an extra carpentry job to raise money for his tuition and pay for university acceptance fees. But in his first year at IHSU, Frank could not balance the demands of work, school and the mounting tuition bill.

In his spare time and during his vacations, he is involved in church youth initiatives and sometimes mobilizes them for community volunteer work. His tenacity and people skills are exceptional. RJ is proud to be part of his journey at IHSU and hopefully beyond and we are grateful to all those who donate to the fund to allow students like Frank to continue to pursue their dreams!


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